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5 Stages of Addiction

Posted by arizonarecover on January 21, 2020

5 Stages of Drug Addiction and Their Symptoms

Drug addiction is a slow and gradual process that ends up being permanent if not tackled at the right time. It is good to know that addiction takes place in stages, and if you are keen enough, you should be able to stop it before it becomes worse just by studying yourself or a loved one. It is easier to deal with addiction during its early stages than when it becomes a permanent case, according to the doctors.

The stage of addiction is also what determines if the patient should enroll for inpatient or out-patient treatment in rehab centers. Many of the people who are admitted as inpatients in drug addiction centers are patients’ who waited until it is too late before seeking help. Out-patients don’t need intensive care because they discovered the problem in time. The five known stages of addiction include;

The experimental stage

This is a stage when someone begins to taste or use the drug for the first time. For teenagers, it happens in parties where they first test alcohol to know how it feels. During the experimental stage, a drug user gets to study if they like the feeling and if the drug is the right one for them. Not everyone ends up an addict after experimenting with drugs as some people end up not liking the outcome. Other people are good at controlling drug use that they don’t try it ever again after experimenting once, even if they liked the experience.

Repeated use

After experimenting with a drug and enjoying the effects, many people start to use it repeatedly. During this moment, the user is not yet addicted and can do without the substance. Keep in mind that during this stage, drug use does not have to be daily. However, the user gets to use the drugs after accessing them through friends or even when they are alone. Some of the things that lead to repeated use of drugs at this stage include things like boredom or loneliness and stress. Luxury rehab Scottsdale is a great choice for treatment in Arizona.

Risky use

During this stage, the user is now comfortable with the drugs, and they feel satisfied as long as they are high. As a result, they begin to get into problems with the authorities and the people close to them like friends and family. At this stage of addiction, the user can also start to experience problems at work because they will become unable to maintain focus and be productive in whatever they do.

Dependence stage

When someone becomes dependent on drugs, it can quickly ruin their lives. During this stage, the victim becomes miserable because they cannot do without the drug even though the adverse effects are apparent. Some people also think that they need the drugs for them to perform better at work while in the real sense, they are putting their careers and lives on the line.

Addiction stage

When someone becomes addicted to drugs, the best solution for their problem is finding the best rehab center for rehabilitation. That is because someone who is addicted to drugs will not think about any other thing except drugs. Some of them even end up homeless because the drugs make them control of their lives.


Knowing the stages of addiction is essential, especially if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction. That is because it will help you to find help before things get out of hand. No one wants to end up a drug addict because it is not a happy place to be. For safety, it is better to prevent the situation before it gets worse. Call the best drug rehab in Arizona, today. 1-888-NODRUGS

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