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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Sober

Posted by arizonarecovery on February 27, 2020

There are plenty of people out there wondering if they need to just cut back on their alcohol/drug use or just get sober. However, the thought of totally kicking their substance of choice can scare them; understandably so! We as humans like the sense of consistency, normalcy, and familiarity. So, when a person starts to flirt with the idea of sobriety, a completely new kind of lifestyle, the amount of the change they will experience can be scary. We understand just how scary a big change like that can be, but we’re here to tell you just how great that kind of change can be for your life. After you go through this article, you’ll realize just how incredible the sober life can be and why you should be sober. Without further ado, here are the 7 reasons why you should be sober.

#1: Freedom From Dependence

Some of you may feel as though you have your drug or alcohol use under control, but substance abuse is a habit that cannot be controlled. When you regularly use drugs or alcohol, you start to develop a tolerance. As tolerance builds up, a person starts to use in higher doses to get the desired effects. As doses increase, the person then develops and dependence which will surely turn into a substance abuse disorder. When a person develops a dependence, their life becomes centered around getting high or drunk, leaving little to no room for anything else in life (family, savings, relationships, jobs, etc.)

#2: Stops The Self-Harm

When you actively abuse substances, you start to develop a dependence on them. When this happens, habitual and compulsive use is extremely common. When a person frequently gets high or drunk, they are doing exponential harm to their mental and physical health over time. A person can develop serious illnesses through substance abuse, it’s essentially a form of self-harm. Sobriety encourages a person to take care of their body so they can live a long, healthy life.

#3: Helps You Refocus Your Priorities In Life

What we often see in people dealing with substance abuse is that they lose focus on their priorities in life. Relationships, jobs, friends, family, hobbies, healthy diet, etc. all get put on the backburner while substances are put at the forefront of their minds. Addiction has a way of consuming a person’s focus and drive in life, causing relationships to crumble, jobs to be lost, and healthy lifestyle choices to be neglected. 

#4: Encourages Healthy Living

As we mentioned, a person who actively abuses substances starts to neglect healthy living choices. Working out, getting outside, and eating healthier are all low on the list of priorities for addicts. When a person finally frees themselves from substance abuse, they are not only trying to live a life free from substances, but a life that is entirely new from the one they previously lived. Changes do not simply stop at substance use, the sober life is a life that is all about change. That means, eating better, finding hobbies that encourage mental well-being, attending therapy, nurturing relationships, etc. 

#5: Helps Practice Financial Responsibility

Substance abuse is by no means a cheap hobby. When a person develops a tolerance to substances, they’ll need higher and higher doses to get the desired effects. That means, a person who wants to get high or drunk is going to need to buy more of their desired substances. What often happens is people start to dig into their savings, neglecting other important financial responsibilities such as rent/house payments, car payments, health care services, savings, groceries, clothing, etc. If someone has a job that cannot support this kind of lifestyle, they could easily neglect important payments like student debt, credit card debt, or house/car payments and wind up in deeper financial troubles. This can result in house foreclosure, a repossessed car, late fees, and penalties. With substances out of the way, a person can realign their financial priorities and start to focus on saving for their future payments.

#6: Encourages Positive Thinking

Oftentimes, people that struggle with substance abuse develop other mental illnesses like depression or anxiety. These kinds of mental disorders can cause a person to develop an extremely negative outlook on their life. When someone starts to develop these negative outlooks on life, they can start to feel helpless, alone, and exhausted. Addicts often use substances to temporarily numb these feelings, but this only worsens the negative mindset that a person has developed. Sobriety breaks the shackles that hold a person in this vicious cycle. It helps a person realize what life can be like outside of substance abuse. Through therapy and rehabilitation programs, recovering addicts start to learn ways to fight against the residual negative mindset that was brought about through substance abuse. 

#7: Nurtures Broken Relationships

One thing that is a reoccurring issue with recovering addicts is broken relationships. Families, friendships, and relationships with significant others are affected by a person’s habitual substance use. A person who suffers from a substance abuse disorder loses sight of important aspects of their life, like relationships. Addicts often act out of selfishness which can hurt their relationships with other people. Marriages can end, friendships can become rocky, and families can start to resent the addict because of their selfishness and lack of regard for others. One of the biggest steps in sobriety is making amends with the people you’ve wronged. Closure is extremely important for someone striving to achieve long-term sobriety. If there is a broken relationship that goes unresolved, that can loom over a recovering addict’s head and could even cause them to relapse further down the road. 

We could go on and on about why you should be sober, there truly are so many reasons why it can benefit you and your overall well-being. If you are one of those people who are thinking about making the switch to living a sober life, it’s totally normal to be scared. This sort of lifestyle change is massive and can be uncomfortable for someone who has never done it before. However, the pros far outweigh the cons (of which there are very little). When you decide to live a life in sobriety, you’ll soon realize just how you were meant to live life. 

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