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How Do I Choose the Right Rehab?

Posted by arizonarecovery on November 12, 2020

You can’t get better without the right kind of help. From simplifying your recovery process to offering amazing post-treatment support, the right rehab will take care of all your needs without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s how you can find the perfect place that’ll help you get clean.

Checklist for the most effective substance abuse or addiction treatment

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has created a list of principles of effective treatment for addiction. In order for a patient to experience a healthy recovery, every treatment center – certified and licensed by the government – must comply with these guidelines and create services according to the toolkit provided by the NIDA. Here’s a checklist that every recovering addict must go through to ensure that they’re getting the care that they deserve.

  • The treatment should be personalized

The research-based guide on addiction on the NIDA’s site advocates the fact that “no single treatment is appropriate for everyone.”

Each plan from the treatment program must be suitable to the patient’s recovery needs and overall growth requirements. It should be continuously monitored, so it can be altered or modified according to the patient’s condition.

If the addiction treatment center approaches your case with a ‘one size fits all’ view, they may not be the right investment for you.

  • The period of the program must be adequate

It’s recommended by the center for the addiction treatment center to provide patients with at least three months of time for recovery. Research suggests that that’s the amount of time it takes for the rehab to be sure of their treatment.

Some facilities offer programs that require as few as 28 days, which are believed to be equally effective. But movies don’t always show the truth because it’s possible for you not to recover at all.

So, it’s wise to meet with a recovery counselor or mental health professional and get your condition diagnosed by them to know exactly where you stand and determine what will be the ideal length of the program for you.

  • The program must be holistic

Addiction doesn’t just affect one part of your brain. It creates an impact on several different sections, including various neurotransmitters. So, it’s always recommended for you to enroll in an addiction treatment center that offers everything in one place.

Your facility should be empathetic towards your condition and needs to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the treatment process.

The treatment must be a combination of medications, counseling, and behavioral therapy to make sure you’re provided with overall growth.

  • You shouldn’t have to wait to get admission

Addiction affects your motivation and will. And although the treatment for addiction need not always be voluntary, you need to be motivated enough to have a positive recovery. So, when you’ve made up your mind about getting clean, professional help must be available to you.

For this reason, it’s strongly advised that you enroll in a facility that offers you readily available treatment. So, if you’re ready to seek help, instead of visiting the rehab, ring them up and ask if they’re enrolling new patients. If not, you can look at your alternatives.

  • The treatment should focus on the patient’s mental health, as well

Addiction is commonly triggered by depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD. If that’s the case with you, you might have to work with a mental health professional to deal with the underlying mental disorders in order to get rid of the addiction. If you don’t, you might put yourself at the risk of relapse after you’ve completely recovered.

What are your objectives for the treatment?

Your goals and objectives depend on your measuring scale for success. Not everyone goes for the kill and aims for permanent recovery. For some, taking the first step may be the most important goal. If you think being sober for six months is a victory, set your goal as such. Once you’re determined, set up a meeting with a treatment professional to understand the direction you should take to get cleaner for the next six months.

Factors to consider when choosing the right rehab 

Word-of-mouth referrals shouldn’t be the only factor that should lead you to your final decision. Since addiction recovery is a major and one of the most important decisions in an addict’s life, you must choose your rehab carefully.

  • Types of treatment

Generally, holistic addiction rehabs offer two types of treatment programs – inpatient and outpatient treatment.

As the name suggests, an inpatient program requires you to reside within the facility for the duration of the program. You’re required to detach from the outside world, so you can have a peaceful, undisturbed recovery without any negative external influences. Needless to say, an inpatient program costs much more than its counterpart.

On the other hand, an outpatient program allows you to carry on with your outside life without disturbing your routine. You’re an independent participant of the program and are only required to interact with your accountability partner or primary therapist to ensure that you stay the course. Because there’s no accommodation involved, an outpatient program is usually cheaper than inpatient treatment.

  • Accessibility and affordability

Speaking of inpatient treatment, the location of your rehab must be accessible to allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones whenever you need them. If a rehab facility is too far because it offers nature retreats, ensure that it at least has good connectivity for emergencies.

Treating addiction can cost you all your savings if not done correctly the first time. If you can’t afford the treatment, there’s good news. You can get a part of your treatment expense covered by insurance. If your insurance provider accepts addiction as a disorder, you can find a recovery center that accepts your insurance provider and cut down on your treatment cost.

  • Procedure for the enrollment

It’s no surprise that the more complex the enrollment procedure, the weaker the will to get better. As mentioned earlier, you must have readily available treatment as soon as you decide to get clean. But if the facility complicates the admission process or asks you to wait for a couple of weeks to receive care, you’re better off without it.

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