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How Technology Plays a Role In Addiction

Posted by arizonarecovery on January 21, 2020

How Technology Is Playing a Vital Part in Drug Addiction Recovery

Nobody wants to end up a drug addict, and that is why people suffering from the condition will do whatever it takes to redeem their lives. In the past, finding a solution to drug addiction problems was not easy because it meant talking to someone about it. What usually follows is stigmatization since it is hard to keep such a big secret. It is safe to say that technology has contributed significantly to drug addiction treatment in the following ways;

Recovery apps

There are so many apps today that are meant for drug addicts and alcoholics. The drug recovery apps are designed to help a recovering addict keep track of their progress. Most of these apps also have useful content that can be used by recovering addicts to focus on attaining a sober life. Overcoming drug addiction is hard, especially if you have to go through the journey alone. Like any other good drug treatment center in Scottsdale, drug recovery apps will connect the patient with other people who are going through the same thing. The apps allow access to support groups and more information towards recovery. A good resource for the different types of recovery apps out here can be found here:

Easy access to experts

One of the biggest fears that many drug addicts have is needing to approach someone with their problem. Most of them are embarrassed by their state that they would prefer to hurt in silence rather than talk to someone about it. With technology, however, a recovering addict has the opportunity to seek help anonymously. Many drug addiction centers in Arizona today own professional websites that contain the direct contact information of the doctors who are swift and ready to help. This has encouraged many drug addicts to consider rehabilitation because they come to find out what their problem is not that serious after making consultations. One addiction expert in Arizona is Chris Cohn. He can be reached at [email protected]. Reach out to Chris if you need addiction or recovery advice, help or drug rehab placement.

Drug addiction recovery websites

Some websites are built to provide guidance for recovery and information about drug addiction. They have a step to step guide on how to deal with addiction at different stages so that the recovering victim can use for recovery. Such websites are useful for drug addicts who are serious about recovery because it is not easy to come back from addiction without some support from the people close to you. However, drug addiction recovery websites also connect an addict to other people dealing with the same problem to make the journey easier. Some great examples of drug addiction recovery websites are,,,, , and

Online counseling

A therapist can be available to his or her patients through video calls. Online counseling is the same as meeting the therapist face to face and, it is equally useful for recovering addicts who are serious about the program. Online therapy sessions allow addicts to access the best therapists in the world without spending a dime in the name of transport. It’s, however, essential to point out that online therapy sessions are not cut out for everybody. If you lack technological literacy and the right equipment like good internet connection and computer or smart device, then it is more difficult to attend online therapy sessions.


Technology has dramatically contributed to controlling drug addiction and alcoholism more so among the youth and some older adults. That is because they are not ready to come out in public with fears that they may be judged. With technology, however, recovery can be discreet and successful only if the patient is serious about recovering and is willing to stick to the program. If your looking for an inpatient drug rehab program in Arizona, give Scottsdale Recovery Center a call – they incorporate online counseling into their programs and have the best reviews out of any other rehab in Arizona:,+LLC/@33.5799281,-111.9244745,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x872b74e98ad3c88f:0x3c93870943ed47e8!8m2!3d33.5799281!4d-111.9222858



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