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What to Expect in Rehab

Posted by arizonarecovery on August 17, 2020

If you have finally realized that you are suffering from an addiction and decided to seek treatment for it, congratulations. You’ve taken the first step on your road to recovery. Now, you must be searching for excellent rehab facilities and centers such as the Arizona Addiction Recovery Center.

Even if it’s not for yourself but a loved one, going into rehab can seem daunting. You don’t know what you’ll have to do, what kind of people will be around, what the facilities will be like, etc.

However, you can put your fears to rest and read about what to expect in rehab.

1. Meetings

Your time at a rehab facility will be full of therapeutic meetings. In fact, from the very first moment, as soon as you check-in, you’ll start your journey probably with a meeting. Not necessarily a 12-step meeting, but nonetheless a meeting of some immense therapeutic value.

You’ll have an extensive interview of sorts with your physician or clinician where you’ll have to provide them with all the information regarding your condition. The more honest and open you are, the more your mentor will understand you and structure your rehab program accordingly.

After that, you’ll have meetings every day. Sometimes, it’ll be early in the morning or sometimes in the evening. Sometimes, it will be a personal one-on-one meeting with your therapist, and at other times, it could be a group meeting with people who are suffering from a similar addiction.

At some rehab facilities and depending on your addiction, they might even call in your family for a family meeting. This way, the people around you can also learn how to support you and correct their behaviors if it was enabling your addiction.

2. Therapy

This probably comes as no surprise, but you can also expect a lot of therapy. More importantly, you can expect different forms of treatment. Similar to meetings, these will also be held almost daily and can be in a group setting at times.

Your individual therapy sessions can consist of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), customized sessions to treat a specific addiction, or even Trauma-focused therapy. Depending on the facility, you could even go through other unique forms of therapy, such as dance therapy, music therapy, or equine therapy.

3. A Regular Routine

Since addictions such as drug abuse and alcohol addiction lead to you losing control over your life, many rehab facilities focus on following a regular routine every day. Doing so can help you feel more grounded and bring a feeling of normalcy back into your life.

Therefore, if you’re wondering what to expect in rehab, you’ll probably wake up and sleep at a fixed time every day. There will be regular mealtimes, and everything will be scheduled beforehand. Your whole day will be planned, and you’ll be expected to stick to it. It can sound restricting, but it really isn’t. The familiarity of doing the same things every day can be quite comforting.

4. Limited Privacy

This might be a deal breaker for some, but it is one of the things you can expect in rehab. You will have some time to yourself which you can spend alone and do whatever you wish, but it will be limited and even then, supervised to some extent.

At some rehab facilities, you might get a private room, but mostly, you’ll be living with one or several roommates. And believe it or not, you might end up being thankful for it because the relationships and friendships you strike while in recovery can stick with you for life.

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5. Free Time

If you’re thinking your days at rehab will be full of therapy sessions and meetings, one after the other, rest assured, it won’t be like that. While you will have meetings, therapies, and other activities, you will also have free time to indulge in the activities you wish.

Again, depending on the rehab facility, you could enjoy a dip in the swimming pool, play ping-pong with others, or simply read a book in the library.


As you must have realized by now, rehab isn’t that bad. It’s not bad at all. More importantly, if you have a severe addiction such as drug or alcohol addiction, rehab is absolutely vital for your health and well-being. Therefore, now that you know what to expect in rehab, all that’s left to do is register and start your recovery journey.

At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, you can expect a peaceful and relaxing environment for recovery. We offer treatment for a wide variety of addictions through several programs and services. You can opt for the Detox Center, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), or numerous inpatient as well as outpatient treatment services. The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center offers safe and luxurious accommodation along with a highly qualified staff to ensure your wellbeing. To know more about our rehab programs, get in touch with us!

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