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Why Do People Fall Into Addiction?

Posted by arizonarecovery on May 8, 2020

A number of people question the very mindset of people who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. What makes them do drugs? Why do they continue substance abuse even after knowing the ill-effects of addiction? While these questions may baffle the non-addicts and make them believe that the urge to do drugs or consume alcohol is controllable, it is really not that easy. 

Addiction is similar to any other health condition. It is a disease that ignites the unstoppable urge to drink/smoke/consume drugs within a person. Many people think that addicts lack moral principles and values as they choose drugs, but that’s not correct. Drug addiction has become a serious issue in some of the most developed countries around the world. Fortunately, extensive research over the years has proved that addiction is a treatable disease and therapies can help people recover and lead a sober life.

But, what exactly is drug addiction?

It is a chronic disease wherein the addict seeks drugs and develops an urge that is compulsive and very difficult to control. The addicts are well aware of the harmful consequences yet they continue the substance abuse as their body couldn’t resist the temptations. Almost anyone can fall into addiction and the sad part is, you won’t realize you’re addicted until it is too late. Repeated drug usage can rewire the brain, hampering self-control, and the senses of an addict. The reason why even people who are in recovery have higher chances of relapsing, a state of falling back to consuming drugs even after years of being sober. What starts as a voluntary decision soon turns into an inability to resist intense urges.

It is normal for an addict to relapse, however, this doesn’t mean that the treatment is worthless. Like other chronic health conditions, treatment for addiction should be continuous and therapies must be changed depending upon the response of the patient. Following a single treatment plan for a patient is not going to work. 

Why do people fall into addiction?

It is often asked why some people fall into addiction while others don’t? There is no reason why that happens, but there are several factors that may predict that a person will become an addict. While the results aren’t 100% accurate, these factors can provide a good possibility that addiction may consume those who reflect these traits.




The type of environment a person lives in has a great impact on their life. Friends, families, relatives all have something to contribute. From peer pressure, quality of life, sexual abuse at an early age, stress, early exposure to drugs, and even the economic status, these factors can encourage a person to fall into addiction.




Genes can affect an individual’s likelihood of substance abuse to a greater extent. Ethnicity, gender, and existing mental disorders add to the risk of getting used to drugs and alcohol.


Growing Up


Critical developmental stages in someone’s life can affect the risk associated with addiction. The earlier someone is introduced to drugs, the more they are likely to go deep into this disease. Although substance abuse should not be entertained at any point in life, teenagers are too fragile to handle it. This is because, at this age, the brain is developing areas associated with self-control, decision making, judgment, patience, etc. And since the concept of doing drugs and trying alcohol looks tempting at this age, teens may fall into this trap.

Can We Treat And Stop Substance Abuse?

Addiction is a chronic disease, and unlike any such medical condition such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease, treatment for substance abuse is not a cure. However, addiction can be managed and stopped, but patients who are recovering still have higher chances of relapsing for years or their whole life. Researchers suggest that combining addiction treatment medicines with behavioral therapy yields out the best results. Patients who have followed this approach end up being more confident about leading a sober life and shows reduced chances of having a relapse.

Also, substance abuse is preventable and reports suggest that various programs conducted by or involving schools, communities, media, and families have been effective for reducing or preventing addiction. When people see that drugs are harmful to their health, they are likely to decrease their intake. It then becomes even more important to outreach and helps educate people about the ill-effects of substance abuse. Parents and teachers are the frontlines in educating teens about addiction and how quickly it degrades our health.

Drugs or alcohol, as viewed by addicts is their way to seek pleasure and a feeling they cannot put in words. These temptations are one of the few reasons why people run after drugs and alcohol. However, what they fail to understand are the consequences. In order to feel the temporary high, they are risking their health for the rest of their lives. Keep in mind the damages these substances have on their organs, and the risk doubles. The very basic functions of our brain for example judgment, learning, decision making, memory, behavior, and what not are altered by drug abuse. Risking everything for a feeling that lasts for a few hours is disastrous.

Also, for non-addicts, it is important to teach people about the harmful effects of drugs on our bodies. Instead of pitying the addicts and thinking how and why they got into addiction in the first place, we must step forward to help them win this battle and prevent anyone from falling into addiction. Not all addicts are ardent on sticking to substance abuse. A majority of addicts dream of living a sober life and are doing the best they can.

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